Best Mattress for Couples 2020

Buying a mattress is one of the significant steps that you will take as a couple. As an individual, you may have different mattress options and opinions. That does not mean that you should select the same for your partner. They may have a different choice from yours. For these reasons, you need to undergo the selection process together and as a team. Once in the market, however, you’ll notice that there are a variety of brands to make a selection. That makes the decision making difficult, and at times annoying. For these reasons, we dedicated our time to research on the best mattress for couples 2020. The narrowed list ensures that you have an easy time selecting the best.

1. Layla

Layla comes at the top of the list as a double-sided mattress on You can sleep on both sides of the bedding. They have multiple levels of fitness, and thus are an excellent choice for lovers. One of its surfaces is of a medium feel while the other surface is firm. It allows you and your partner to enjoy a relaxing bed in your sleep together. It is durable and will not wear out comfortably. It can serve you for at least eight years, and a maximum of 15 years. It offers maximum support and comfort for the users.

2. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress is an excellent choice for all couples. It features the panted airflow transfer characteristic, which ensures that you have enough air in your sleep. It’s a king-size mattress measuring 80” x 76”. That is a suitable size to fit two individuals without struggles. The Flex-Support mechanism ensures that you don’t disturb your partner when you start moving around the bed. It is a characteristic that comes from its making featuring the memory foam. It also features a secure base layer that is suitable in ensuring that you enough support for your spinal cord. That, in return, ensures that you maintain your right health conditions. The only challenge with this type is the idea of airing it before use.

3. Casper Sleep

Casper Sleep is another king size mattress that is growing popular among couples. It’s suitable for holding two couples irrespective of their sleeping position. The bedding does also features excellent motion isolation as a result of its thick layers. The memory foam is in a place to minimize the transfer of motions. The foam absorbs any energy that arises from the unexpected movements. The durable base layers help to offer enough spinal support for your body. That ensures proper body alignment while at sleep. The 5” base layer does also helps in providing the durability of the mattress. Its open-cell top layers do also help to prevent overheating. The only disadvantage with this mattress is that it is not a suitable choice for flipping.

4. Tuft & Needle Foam Mattress

With the infused cooling gel, this mattress is an excellent choice for couples. It also features graphite that offers maximum support for the users. The bedding does also features a solid base layer that ensures sufficient spinal comfort for the couple. It helps to relieve pressure, and therefore, gives you a pleasant, relaxing environment. The adaptive foam does also absorbs the energy produced by the sudden movement on the bed. That ensures that you don’t disturb your partner while asleep. It is also a king-size mattress. That way, it can fit the two of you without much squeezing. The bedding is also highly breathable, making sure that there is sufficient flow of air in and out. The only disadvantage with the mattress is the fact that it lacks reinforced edges. That minimizes the support offered.

5. Amerisleep ASS3 12” Mattress

The Amerisleep is a perfect choice from its ability to balance between comfort and support. It is a king-size mattress, and therefore, can easily hold the two of you at ease. It features undetectable motion transfer reducing the disturbance that you cause your partner at sleep. The Celliant cover is capable of converting the body temperatures and producing a cooling effect. It also helps to improve sleep quality. The durable bottom layer does also helps to improve the quality of the mattress. It also helps to relieve back pains by providing sufficient spinal support.

Things to Consider in Buying a Mattress for couples

When buying a mattress, there are several factors that you should consider. These include;

Size: The first thing that you must consider is the size of the mattress. Pick one that is large enough to accommodate you as a couple. The California king-sized or the king-sized cushions make a perfect choice. A large mattress gives a couple of chances to spread out and sleep well.

Material Used: You also need to purchase a mattress that features only the high-quality materials in its making. That ensures that the bedding offers enough support for the user. It also enhances the users’ comfort.

Breathable Mattresses: Always select a mattress that is soft and breathable. That ensures that you improve the quality of your sleep. It helps to minimize the chances of breathing difficulties or suffocation while asleep. It also reduces the chances of bacterial growth in the mattress.

Support: Always choose a mattress that offers maximum comfort for the two of you. You should have a chance to try the bedding before the actual purchase.

Warranty: A long time warranty assures you that the manufacturer is confident in what he or she is selling. You, however, need to make sure that you make purchases from authorized sellers only. By doing this, you get sure that you can return the mattress if it does not suit your desires.

Final Verdict

The above five are the best mattresses that you can choose as a couple. They offer both maximum support and comfort for the users. They also are long-lasting and serve the users for an extended period. Before making the purchases, it is essential to check out on the out listed features to consider. In doing this, there is a surety that you purchase a high-quality mattress. Consider purchasing a couple to avoid the after disagreements. Also, buy the items from authorized sellers only.

Created White Sapphire: Is It Worth to Buy

From its alluring look to the extreme durability, white sapphire has several impressive features and benefits that make it a great alternative for people who are in search of diamond-like products like windows, lenses and jewelry. If you aren’t much familiar with the two, you might have a difficult time trying to differentiate white sapphire from diamond, as they share some close resemblance.

As such, some people who can’t afford diamond items go for the white sapphire ones since they are far much cheaper. Better still, if you find natural white sapphire still expensive for you, you can go for the lab-created white sapphire because it’s more pocket-friendly.

Comparing Natural Sapphire and Artificial Sapphire

As its name suggests, natural sapphire occurs naturally, whereas the artificial one is created in a lab controlled environment. Interestingly, both forms of sapphire are made from corundum, a very hard crystalized alumina. This is because there’s no synthetic material that can serve as a replacement of corundum that gives the natural sapphire its gorgeous look.

If replaced, the man-made white sapphire would look almost totally different from the natural one, and that’s not the desired result. The corundum composition makes it quite difficult to tell which is which between the two white sapphire types. The similarity is so high that even some gemstone specialists don’t get it right when it comes to differentiating the two.  

Besides, the process used to make artificial white sapphire is almost similar to that of the natural type, mimicking the environmental conditions that the mined natural gemstone undergoes. Essentially, the man-made type was invented to meet the excess demand of the white sapphire lovers because the natural type takes a long process of millions of years to form and so, can’t cover the rising demand fully due to its scarcity. The synthetic stone takes a much shorter time to be processed in a laboratory-controlled environment.

Differences between the Two

Although created white sapphire shares a striking resemblance with the natural one, there are various factors you can consider to establish if a white sapphire is lab-made or natural. Only a trained eye notices the difference. Here are some of the things you can check out between the two materials.

  • Air bubbles

Although the process of creating a white sapphire is almost the same as the one undergone by the natural counterpart, the former is essentially glass. As such, it retains some tiny air bubbles upon its formation. So, if you happen to have white sapphire, check it from all sides to see if it has visible air bubbles. If the bubbles are present, then you are dealing with the lab-created type.

  • Flawlessness

From the first encounter, created white sapphire looks like a flawless version of the natural one. When undergoing the natural crystallization process, natural gemstones, including white sapphire, pick up gases and other minerals. Consequently, it ends up having some inclusions which are absent in the lab-made.

The synthetic gem lacks these inclusions, or have less of them because their manufacturing process is steady and controlled. Therefore, the chances of getting such inclusions are factored in and addressed on time, making the final product come out being almost flawless.

  • Prices

Because of its scarcity, longer durability and generally higher value, natural white sapphire is usually more expensive than its synthetic counterpart. The price difference between the two could be about $8 to $10 per carat, depending on where you are buying them from.

  • Hardness and durability

For instance, when a natural white sapphire and a created one are scrubbed against each other, one of them won’t have any change but will scratch the other, and that is the natural gem. It is harder and so more scratch resistant and durable as compared to the synthetic counterpart.

Because of these qualities, gen xs and zs, as well as some millenials, tends to get white sapphire engagement rings, bracelets and other jewelry pieces instead of diamond, to both save their wallet and demonstrate unique personality.

Is Synthetic White Sapphire Worth to Purchase?

In as much as the created sapphire looks almost like the natural type, they can’t be the same. One of the major downsides of the synthetic type is that it doesn’t have standard properties. One synthetic white sapphire from a certain company might be slightly different from another company’s.

On the other hand, natural white sapphire will have the same properties irrespective of where you purchase it from. The only difference could be the shape, but that cut across all gemstones to address different users’ tastes and preferences.

On the upside, when you buy a created white sapphire, you spend less than when you go for the natural white sapphire. So, if you are on a tight budget but still want a gemstone item that looks gorgeous almost like diamond or Cubic zirconia, you are not likely to go wrong with the created type. 

Again, if you are an environment conservationist, you’ll feel hesitant to be part of a chain that cause damage to mother nature. To get natural white sapphire from deep inside the ground, extensive mining is involved, and this may have an adverse impact on the environment. The local lifestyles might be disrupted and serious human conflicts are likely to arise as a result of the gemstone’s mining.

If you are truly against such, going for a synthetic option instead of the natural one, as far as white sapphire is concerned, will be a more ethical choice. Unlike in mining of the natural sapphire, lab-made gem doesn’t inflict any harm to the environment through soil pollution or excess greenhouse gas (such as carbon) emissions. 

Again, created white sapphires are not absolutely fake. Their chemical compositions, structure and optics are nearly the same as of the natural gems. Don’t even be surprised upon seeing the synthetic ones looking better and closer to perfect than the natural counterpart. So, even if you have a piece of synthetic white sapphire jewelry, you’ll rock with it just as you would with a natural one, and rarely will anyone notice that it’s not actually the natural type.

If you are a frequent traveler and afraid of losing your expensive natural white sapphire jewelry, you might decide to be putting on a less expensive artificial white sapphire one instead and leave the natural one at home during your travels.  

So considering your taste, preference, budget and attitude towards environment conservation, created white sapphire can be a worthy buy for you.